Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Flowers

It's spring! Well, with 80+ degree weather off and on for weeks now, it is almost summer-like. My thoughts are drifting away from baking (although I really need to pull something together on the wonders of sourdough starter) and on to flowers. We've been weeding, transplanting, and new-planting a bit.

The roses need some food, and I've been practically sitting on my hands to stop them from buying pretty annuals to decorate the porch and deck. Oh, and we've been into the herbs! I have thyme, sage, rosemary, mint, oregano, and parsley of yore and, this year, added chives, more thyme and tarragon. Basil will enter the picture when tomatoes are ready for our teeny vegetable bed.

Happily, it's almost Mother's Day. As a child, my own mom would ask to be left alone all day on Mother's Day (wonder why) and she'd diligently plant flat after flat of begonias all along our flowerbeds. I'm not so into the begonias, but I do follow the tradition myself and use the date to mark us safely past frost warnings. This weekend, I will head off to the garden center for colorful annuals and then, on Sunday, I too will ask for some blissful time alone to dig in the dirt and play with all my new flowers.

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