Monday, February 7, 2011

Food Biases

I like to cook and have a few biases I’ve noticed while doing it. Before I write about my pot-roast-for-Katherine and our favorite split pea soup, I thought I’d share my kitchen quibbles:

  • Bacon really makes anything taste better.
  • Ditto for pastry dough.
  • Vegetables are awesome, but ham tends to make it into my vegetarian entrée recipes.
  • I cannot fathom making savory foods without garlic, onions or both as part of the dish.
  • Spicy foods aren’t my thing, but I like well-seasoned food.
  • I tend to reject any recipe calling for a can of condensed soup as an ingredient.
  • Actually, I’m not a fan of canned anything other than beans, tomatoes, and the occasional simmer sauce.
  • While not completely opposed to convenience foods in cooking, I tend to think, “how can I make this myself?”


  1. Bacon is overrated! Green chile is the panacea. xo

  2. Why settle for either? Go for the gusto, bacon AND green chiles!